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Need to see a doctor? Please call us at (802) 442-6057 during office hours. We make every attempt to be as responsive to your scheduling needs as possible. If you are a current patient, you may also message us with non-urgent appointment requests via your P atient Portal .  We will make every attempt to respond within 4 hours of the message during our regular business hours.  Please call the office directly for same or next day requests.

Haven't accessed your child's patient portal?  Call us and we'll reset your temporary password.  You must respond to the email within 7 days to activate the account. Haven't signed up for the patient portal? Click on the forms tab, print and complete the Patient Portal Registration form. Stop and return the form to our office to have instant access to your account.

*Telemedicine visit information*

Telemedicine Consent Form: /docs/Telemedicine%20Consent%20Form.pdf

Telemedicine Visit Directions

In order to reduce the number of visits to our office at this time, Green Mountain Pediatrics will be offering telemedicine visits to patients. In order to have a telemedicine visit, a nurse or Dr. Orton, must triage the patient (or parent) by phone and determine that a telemedicine visit is appropriate. There are some limitations to telemedicine (can’t look in ears, can’t swab for Strep throat, etc.) which may require an office visit. If a telemedicine visit is determined to be appropriate please follow the steps below to enter the telemedicine waiting room:

1.) Prior to your telemedicine visit, please complete and return (via the Patient Portal), the telemedicine consent form (listed above). Please note Dr. Orton cannot complete your telemedicine visit without this consent form. As a reminder all copays, deductibles, and any other charges from your insurance company apply to telemedicine visits; you are responsible for these charges and copays and payment is due the same day as your telemedicine visit. You can make payments via the Patient Portal, or if the office is open, by phone. *If the visit is determined to be directly associated with COVID-19 the copay fee is waived at this time by federal order and any copays would be refunded/not charged.  In addition, some insurers are waiving all copays for any telemedicine visit.  This  list changes daily and our staff are keeping abreast of the situation so you are not inappropriately charged.*

2.) At the time of your visit Dr. Orton or a Nurse will text a video link to your cell phone. Click on the link and allow for access to your microphone and camera. *Please note if we are running behind, we will do our best to notify you prior to your visit, but keep your cell phone nearby for when we send you the link.*

*If you have any questions about telemedicine or need assistance with telemedicine please do not hesitate to call the office at 1-802-442-6057.*