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  • Vomiting (Baby on Formula)

    Causes of and care advice on vomiting in formula-fed babies.

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  • Vulvitis from Soap

    Irritation of the vulva (external genitals) from soap or other irritants. Mainly occurs in young girls before school age.

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  • Wart - Plantar

    A wart on the bottom of the foot (plantar surface). Viral infection of the skin.

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  • Warts

    Warts are small raised growths that have a rough surface. Viral infection of the skin.

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  • Weaning From the Bottle - 12 Months or Older

    You want to stop bottle feeding, but your child resists. Here are some tips to help.

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  • Weaning From the Bottle - Before 12 Months

    Weaning is the replacement of bottle feedings with drinking from a cup. It means an end to nipple feedings. Here are some tips to help.

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  • Whining and Pestering

    Whining is a verbal temper tantrum. Compared to screaming tantrums, it’s a step up the developmental ladder. Some examples of whining behavior are: A child who won’t take No for an answer. He keeps repeating his demand for something you’ve told him he can’t have or do.

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  • Wildfire Smoke Exposure

    Wildfire smoke exposure, mainly from forest fires. The most common symptoms are coughing, a congested nose and watery eyes.

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